Feb. 2, 2021

EP 14: In The Right Place: Crack & Cats ft. Eve S.

When Hell Has An Exit host Bryan Alzate was 14 years old, he found himself in a Ft. Lauderdale crack house, a place he visited daily and stayed well into the night. One night, a group of people barged through the front door. One of the women held up a crack pipe and said with a laugh, “Okay, I got off the oxy, now how do I get off this?” That woman was Eve, this week’s guest.


After more than 20 years of abusing drugs and alcohol, Eve was able to get and stay clean. In fact, as Bryan started his own 12-step journey, it was Eve who gave Bryan words of wisdom that helped him stay on his path to recovery.


Hear Eve recount how she overcame bad relationships, addictions and life challenges – all while keeping her cat! Eve explains how she became involved in meetings and sponsorships and how she continues to help newcomers to stay in the warmth and light of new recovery through the 12-step programs and her own experiences. Hers is a real story of victory and inspiration you don’t want to miss!


For more information please visit www.unitedrecoveryproject or call 833-999-1877


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Music by Miles M. Davis