Feb. 9, 2021

EP 16: The True Story of a Girl from the Projects Gone Clean ft. Ingrid


Welcome to episode sixteen of HELL HAS AN EXIT Podcast with Bryan Alzate. On today's episode, Bryan sits down with Ingrid to hear her true story of a girl born into the New York City projects to a mother who died when she was young, leaving her with an abusive father and a slew of teachers, guardians, gangsters and police officers who faded in and out of her life for decades. Addicted to drugs and alcohol at the age of 10, Ingrid graduated to running a crack operation from her apartment.


Listen to her raw story of rejection and addiction and how she overcame incredible odds to fight for recovery, self-education and a renewed life. Now a mother and grandmother, Ingrid shares her 33 years of hard-won – and sometimes hilarious – recovery and experience and explains how she survived round after round in the battle against addiction.


For more information please visit www.unitedrecoveryproject.com or call 833-999-1877.


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Music by Miles M. Davis

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