March 9, 2021

EP 20: World’s Most Delicate Juggling Act ft. Adam C.

When Adam C. was 26 years old, he hopped on an Amtrak train from Chicago to Miami carrying 50 pounds of Canadian weed. What happened next falls short of a Hollywood drama, but would leave Adam facing 30 years behind bars -- and this is just one of 36 arrests he'd face in his lifetime. 

Raised by his grandmother in Miami, Adam and Bryan discuss how early childhood trauma shaped his outlook and vision for his future. The two talk about teenage identity, fitting in and finding friends in whoever was smoking and drinking over shared secrets of Visine and cologne.

Adam recalls when he crossed the line between loving the lifestyle and uncontrollable addiction, and how his first time trying cocaine in a Chinese restaurant snowballed into a two-day bender begging strangers for money.

Now with more than six years clean, Adam reflects on the behaviors and substances that fueled his addiction, and how he survived and found freedom in recovery.

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Music by Miles M. Davis

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