March 23, 2021

EP 22: Robbing McDonald’s, Crack Cocaine and Second Chances ft. Robin J.

For years, Robin bounced around different homes, first with her mom in New York, then with her brother in Germany, and finally landed in South Florida. Regardless of where she lived, she spent her years escaping – first her family’s physical abuse and next a relationship with a pedophile, a man who ultimately murdered her sister. Bryan and Robin discuss what happened in the aftermath of her sister’s murder and how her grief and guilt quickly snowballed into an addiction to crack.

Robin recalls being raped repeatedly and shares how one violent incident led her to jump through a second-story window naked. Bryan and Robin discuss her journey with step work and finding God, her experience with Narcotics Anonymous, her relapse and, ultimately, her road to recovery. Don’t miss this episode.

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Produced by Music by Miles M. Davis

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