March 30, 2021

EP 23: Born Behind Bars & Rising From The Ashes Feat. Rachel B

Born in a Broward County jail into a family of addicts, Rachel quickly realized her childhood wasn’t like her friends’. While her mom prostituted the streets of South Florida, Rachel was left alone for days. And when she was finally arrested, Rachel was left for good.

After her mom’s arrest, Rachel turned to opiates and lived with a friend, whose father raped her daily and fueled her growing addiction. Constantly trying to avoid her mother’s behavior, Rachel’s addictions only repeated the cycle, and led her down the same path filled with drug-addicted pregnancies, prostitution, police and horrific physical abuse. Rachel and Bryan discuss doctor shopping, giving birth at a methadone clinic, outrunning DCF, and how easy it is to lose ourselves while trying to save everyone else. Rachel also shares how, after years of being treated like a lost cause, she finally found recovery. You don’t want to miss this incredible true story.

For more information, please visit or call 833-999-1877. Follow on Instagram & Twitter @hellhasanexit @united_recovery @dbpodcasts. Produced by Music by Miles M. Davis.

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