April 6, 2021

EP 24: Suicidal Tuesdays: In the Closet with a Stolen Prescription pad and Unlimited Needles ft. Jon S The Nurse

Welcome to episode twenty-four of HELL HAS AN EXIT Podcast with Bryan Alzate.

On today's episode, Bryan sits down with John S. to discuss John’s incredible true story. John was born into a large, loving family. Through hard work, he became a nurse, purchased a home and was married before his 30th birthday. Until one late night altered his fate and opened the doors to his addictions.

With virtually unlimited access to prescription drugs, John’s life took a sharp turn to years of abuse and hiding his additions and his sexuality. John recalls standing at the edge, facing the jail time and the loss of his marriage, home, job and almost his life, before asking if he was truly ready to get help.

Hear the true story of John, who turned his malpractice into a new practice and through the rooms of NA, found a brand-new life. This episode is not to be missed!

For more information please visit www.unitedrecoveryproject or call 833-999-1877

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