April 13, 2021

EP 25: The Tribal War Within ft. Andre

Andre was born in a period of intense violence and tribal warfare in poverty-stricken Jamaica.  He escaped with his family to the US, but not before witnessing the deaths of both children and adults, first-hand, by the time he reached five years old.

Life continued to be a challenge for his family, as his parents divorced shortly after the move with Andre and his brother being bounced back and forth between Maryland and Florida. After several years, their mother decided to move to Florida permanently in which the brothers decided to join.

Andre and his bother looked so similar, they were often confused as twins even though they were 8 years apart. They each did well in school, and excelled in sports. It wasn’t until they hit high-school and moving to a rough neighborhood, that they were introduced to the the Florida drug culture. Becoming a drug dealer, Andre quickly fell into drug abuse and was met with difficult days. In the midst of it all, Andre became a father to two children, children he almost never saw due to him spiraling deeper and deeper into addiction. At first it was pills and cocaine, and soon after, heroin. It became increasingly difficult to juggle his addiction while keeping a low profile as a dealer. He was on a one way journey to prison or death. Caught with thousands of pills, Andre was facing up to 15 years in prison. If it wasn’t for miracles, that’s exactly where he would have ended up. What happens next is incredible and life affirming. Listen to the story of Andre and find out once again that. “hell”does have an exit.

For more information please visit www.unitedrecoveryproject or call tel:833-999-1877

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Music by Miles M. Davis

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