Nov. 17, 2020

EP 3: The Marines Didn’t Want Him but Rooms of Recovery Did. NY Hustling Drug Addict Gets Clean & Becomes a Successful Accountant ft. Mario

Welcome to episode 3 of HELL HAS AN EXIT Podcast with Bryan Alzate. On today's episode Bryan sits down with Mario to discuss: How it all began & where he's from, growing up in a fanatical religious family, acting out & addictive personality at a young age, traumatic family memories, his first drink euphoria, emotional survival & human connection, getting expelled from High School & The Marines, meeting his drug of choice aka Crack Cocaine, jail & journey in addiction, daily gratitude, spirituality & recovery, marijuana Maintenence & being an active addict, those who pray for him & being afraid, getting clean & sacrifice, going back to jail, South Florida, lost dreams, becoming a supplemental instructor & opening a scholarship firm, Top 5 Travel Destinations & so much more. 


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Music by Miles M. Davis