June 22, 2021

EP 35 - Hell Has An Entrance: PART 2 ft. Bryan Alzate

Welcome back to “Hell Has An Entrance: Part 2 with Bryan Alzate“. 

On last weeks episode, Bryan left off at one of the most pivotal moments of his life - he found himself at Docs place which was basically a crack house in a neighborhood called Shady Banks. He was 14 yrs old the very first time he smoked crack.

The next several years of Bryans life can be described as an absolute hell. In order to feed his rampant addiction, he began stealing from friends, strangers, and even robbing his dealers, the drugs had completely consumed his entire being. Bryan had crossed the line from using on the weekends to being totally dependent on opiates and crack cocaine; experiencing using against his will during his teenage years. 

It wasn’t until an intervention, that Bryan finally fell to his knees. Desperate for help, he finally admitted to himself and everyone else that he’s an addict who needed help. Bryan takes us on a journey with him as he describes his first experience at detox and rehab and shares all of his vulnerabilities in raw detail. Told in his own words, Bryan shares his story in the hopes that someone who is struggling can find hope by listening. He wants to let the addict listening that it’s not going to be easy , but it’s not necessarily going to be hard either, it’s going to be different. It’s going to be a new way of life. This episode is not to be missed!

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