July 6, 2021

EP 37: Hell Has an Entrance: Part 4 ft. Bryan Alzate

On this week’s episode, we return to Hell Has an Exit’s four-part series - Hell Has an Entrance, where host, Bryan Alzate shares his own personal story of addiction and recovery.  Picking up where he left off,  Bryan shares some of his final memories as an addict in active addiction and describes his journey to recovery in raw detail.

In this fourth and final episode, we rejoin Bryan in a memory where he finds himself  meeting up with his dealer, a guy named Jamaica - at some run-down, sketchy hotel. Jamaica went off on his own to score some Roxy’s for Bryan. When he returned, he found Bryan smoking crack with a random homeless woman. 

No one could have every guessed that the next time Bryan and Jamaica would ever see each other would be at a meeting, where Bryan would have 9 months clean, and Jamaica would be asking him to be his sponsor. This surreal moment kind of sets the premise for what the next few years of Bryans life would be like. 

Bryan shares how, through the 12 steps, hard work, and dedication – he is able to regain full control of his life and turn some of his biggest goals into reality.

Tune in to episode 37 to hear the true story of how Bryan goes from struggling to stay alive, to finding success in every area of his life. Through self-reflection and a deep desire to heal himself and the relationships with his friends and family, Bryan shares the powerful lessons he encounters along the way. He even opens up about his relationship with his father,  a relationship that had been incredibly difficult for him and impossible to understand for a very long time, and how he was able to make amends with the associated trauma that he had been carrying around for the majority of his life.

Don’t miss this amazing wrap-up episode to the true story of Bryan Alzate, host of “Hell Has an Exit”.

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