July 13, 2021

EP 38 - Iced Tea Mix Looks Just Like Heroin in a Wax Bag ft. Devon C.

Welcome to Episode 38. On today’s episode Bryan brings back guest interviews and introduces us to his friend Devon C. 

Devin begins his story by sharing what life was like growing up. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he had a close-knit family. They weren’t rich, but they weren’t poor. Life was good. He did well in school, always made honor roll and was a great athlete. He had a tight group of friends who all lived on the same block. 

By the time they were 13, him and his friends all got into smoking and selling weed. They’d found a way to buy a pound at a time and break it up into smaller bags. They went from selling dime bags to being introduced to harder drugs. 

For Devin, it was the pills. He was drawn to them, and they were drawn to him. He went from selling them and taking a few here and there, to an everyday habit that morphed into full blown addiction.

Now, six years later his life has taken an incredible turn! Listen to the powerful true story of a guy who found his exit. Today, Devon owns a business, is a loving father to his 3-year-old son, has a strong relationship with his partner and sponsors other people to help them get clean. What an incredible turn, don’t miss this new Hell Has an Exit episode!

For more information, please visit unitedrecoveryproject.com or call 833-999-1877

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