July 20, 2021

EP 39 - Recovering from Religion Ft. Danny Prada

On todays episode of Hell Has an Exit, Bryan invites long-time friend and Minister Danny Prada to share how his spiritual journey began and how it came to be what it is today.

Growing up a conservative Christian Danny encountered a point in his life where he began to face serious doubts about religion after coming in contact with some difficult elements in his life. After unknowingly joining a cult, he realized that almost all religion is competing. 

After years of study and research he started a Bible study based on the Christian Bible. This soon evolved into a more open and understanding theology that invited all religions and all beliefs into the church. This new theology brought some serious anger from the Christian community that Danny had grown up in. He was basically ostracized and soon found himself alone. Danny had trained to be a servant of the people with more than five years on the front lines of the most desperate cases as a chaplain at the rescue mission. He was committed to giving his life and service of others. 

His Bible study grew into the Heartway Church and his ministry group. After studying the mystics and the great teachings of all religions, Danny realized he had to find a way to open up his church to the LGBTQ community and continued his evolution as a pastor in modern times. Today he runs a passionate group of people who seek to evolve their humanity and find real spiritual truth and peace through the trials and tribulations of life. Don’s miss this important episode.

For more information, please visit unitedrecoveryproject.com or call tel:tel:833-999-1877

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