Aug. 31, 2021

EP 46 - Fake Passports & Real Heroin: Smuggling Through The Golden Triangle ft. Marc S.

This week on HHAE, it’s the incredible true story of Marc S. Marc takes us for an insane ride that began in the California valley in the 1960’s. The music scene is alive and vibrant, and so is the drug scene. Marc felt an instant connection. It was the beginning of an era marked by LSD being legal, bell bottoms, hitchhiking, living on the streets, & couch surfing. They were known as the beatniks, aka hippies. Marc kicked his drug career off by bringing LSD from San Francisco back down to the sunset strip. When LSD became illegal, he was one of this first persons to get arrested and was used to set an example by being given the max penalty. After years of being pursued, Marc felt he needed to escape life in the U.S. by taking his talents to Europe. Here he discovered a whole new world of drug trafficking between countries, getting locked up abroad, and  falling deeper into a life of a spiraling addiction - going from LSD, to cocaine, to shooting heroin. The rest of his young adult life becomes a never ending drug binge. Tune in to find out how Marc ends up in a Thai prison after returning to the U.S., and what his path to recovery was like after true desperation finally set in. Today, Marc has 30 yrs clean and can be found in the rooms of NA helping others find recovery through his support and through the 12 steps. Don’t miss this incredible journey that could easily be a motion picture on the next episode of Hell Has An Exit.

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