Sept. 14, 2021

Ep 48: Shot Myself in The Foot, LITERALLY.- A Davie Story. ft. ALEX K.

This week on Hell Has An Exit, Bryan Invites long time friend Alex K. on the show. Alex dives right into his story and gets vulnerable. He opens up about his traumas, and what led to him finally being able to overcome his addiction & alcoholism. 

•Car accident 



•Shooting himself in the foot w/ a shotgun 


•Little Blue Pills


•Doctor Shopping



•4 DUI’s

•Motorcycle Accident 

•Spending his first year of sobriety in prison 

•Alcoholics Anonymous 



Today, Alex has been clean & sober for over 7 years and lives a life beyond his wildest dreams by putting the work in. Don’t miss this amazing story of recovery & success on THIS WEEK'S Hell Has An Exit!

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