Dec. 1, 2020

EP 5: Hope in Hell, Surviving the Holocaust ft. Anita Karl

Welcome to episode 5 of HELL HAS AN EXIT Podcast with Bryan Alzate. On today's episode Bryan sits down with Anita Karl to discuss: Surviving the Holocaust, where she was born & her family, those amongst them who survived, when The Germans invadeding their city, the demoralization of Jews, being given 24 hours to leave their house & it being looted before the force into The Ghetto, having to wear a yellow Star of David, The soulless Nazi Party, experiments & executions, decrepit conditions & diseases, being sent from ghettos to concentration camps, watching her cousin be murdered, being amongst 200 of 150,000 to survive, preparing for an impossible escape, this being only 75 years ago, her new life during war for 2 years, her Father being smuggled out of the ghetto, hiding people in their house, interoperable marches, USA helping the survivors & relocation, perspective & survival solutions, strength lying within & so much more. This episode is not to be missed.


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Music by Miles M. Davis