Oct. 5, 2021

EP 51: 6,338 Days in Hell ft. Marty Tankleff. Part 1 of 2

EP 51: 6,338 Days in Hell ft. Marty Tankleff. Part 1 of 2

On todays Episode, Bryan invites special guest Marty Tankleff who after 17 years was finally able to walk out of the gates of hell. 

•17 years old - going from a privileged upbringing in Long Island to be framed for the double murder of his parents.

•Being coerced into “confessing”

•Being sentenced to 50 years in prison at 18 years old.

•His journey in the prison system.

•Shady cops, crooked officials, dark secrets, murder, manipulation of the justice system and a downright evil District attorney.

•Spending 17 years in prison before being able to prove his innocence.

•Getting cleared of his conviction.

•Becoming an attorney.

•Representing the Jan 6. Capitol Rioters 

LISTEN TO PART ONE of a TWO PART STORY with special guest Marty Tankleff on this week’s HELL HAS AN EXIT.

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