Oct. 26, 2021

Ep 54: “I gotchu” ft. Lester M. Part 1 of 2

Ep 54: “I gotchu” ft. Lester M. Part 1 of 2

On this week’s episode of Hell Has an Exit, Bryan Invites guest Lester “M”. Born and raised in Cuba, Lester quickly paints a picture of how growing up in a communist country would shatter his spirit from a very early age. 

⁃Being on his own at 15 

⁃Discovering a love for computers and teaching himself how to program.

⁃Success and buying his dream car 


⁃Alcohol, Drugs, & Partying 

-Throwing it all away 

⁃2 overdoses 

Lester was no longer consuming the drugs and alcohol. Rather, the drugs and alcohol were consuming him. 

Tune in this week for PART 1 of a TWO-PART STORY that is the true tale of Lester M. On this week's HELL HAS AN EXIT

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