Nov. 9, 2021

EP 56: "One day soon I'll have to pay for your grave just like I did your junkie father" ft. David G.

On this week’s episode of Hell Has an Exit, Bryan invites guest David G. The two jump right into some of his earliest childhood memories. David was told countless stories on how it was that his father had passed away. He would soon come to find out that he had died from complications related to AIDS as of result of being an IV drug user. On this episode David goes on to share:

⁃  Some of his deeply rooted pains 

⁃  The history of addiction in his family 

⁃  His darkest days 

⁃  Getting hooked on “blues”

⁃  The Florida “pill-mill” days

⁃  Countless Rehabs 

⁃  His journey to recovery 

⁃  The role of the 12-steps in his recovery 

Now with more than 5-years clean & sober David has a real story of triumph to share, a heartfelt story of recovery and the victory over addiction ruling your life, one day at a time. Don't miss this week's episode.

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Music by Miles M. Davis