Nov. 23, 2021

Ep: 58 Wrestling with Opiates and Overdoses ft. Santi V

Ep: 58 Wrestling with Opiates and Overdoses ft. Santi V

On this week’s episode of Hell Has an Exit, Bryan invites childhood friend Santi to share his story. Santi and Bryan met in the midst of Bryan’s developing addiction at 14 yrs old. As Santi watched Bryan’s addiction progress through the years, he felt that his own drug use was normal and recreational at best. The two go on to talk about how things went from “recreational” to complete destruction:

-Moving to the states from Colombia

-Recreational drug use 

-His “introduction to “Blues”

-The descent into full blown addiction


-Multiple attempts to get clean

-Being cut off by everyone 

-Multiple overdoses

With his life hanging in the balance he finally was able to surrender and find his escape from hell. 

Today, with 4 years clean, Santi has his life back and Bryan still has his childhood friend. Listen to this inspiring story of friendship, recovery and rebuilding on this week's HELL HAS AN EXIT.

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