Nov. 30, 2021

Ep 59: From Straight A's to Straight Trapping ft. Jess Megz

This week on Hell Has an Exit, meet JESS MEGZ who grew up in a nice neighborhood with good parents & got straight A's in school. But what’s it matter? We all know by now that addiction doesn’t discriminate. On todays episode Jess & Bryan dive deep into Jess journey in active addiction and recovery discussing the following:


⁃ Her Instant attraction to pills 

⁃ Using Xanax in middle school 

⁃ Pill mills, Doctor shopping, & keeping up appearances

⁃ The Art of talking her way out of literally anything 

⁃ Detoxing in Jail 

⁃ Undercover Cops 

⁃ Facing a possible 30 year prison sentence 


Listen to episode 59 on this Week’s Hell Has an Exit with guest JESS MEGS to for an amazing story of Recovery. Find out how she turned her life around and found her EXIT from HELL


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