Dec. 14, 2021

Ep 61: Hell’s Exit Has a Price ft. Merch

Ep 61: Hell’s Exit Has a Price ft. Merch

This week on Hell Has an Exit, Bryan finally brings us Jeremy AKA “Merch”. The Merch you might of heard about in many of Hell Has an Exit’s Previous Episodes. Merch was one of the only person’s Bryan considered a real friend during active addiction. There was this mutual bond and connection built on “one addict helping another”. They carried each other forward in their addiction perfectly fueling each other’s dysfunction. Merch shares what life was like during those times and how he developed an addiction that he describes as being fueled by the need for adrenaline:

  ⁃  Be the man Syndrome 

  ⁃  Experimenting with drugs in high school 

  ⁃  The addiction of selling drugs 

  ⁃  The ATV accident - Getting prescribed “Roxies” 

  ⁃  Addicted to Painkillers 

  ⁃  Running the streets, stealing & dealing

  ⁃  Roxies, Oxys, Blues & Heroin

  ⁃  The transition to the Needle 

  ⁃  Addicted to Heroin 

  ⁃  Prison 

  ⁃  Rock Bottom 

Through a force of conviction and will power Jeremy re-crafted his body, mind, and spirit and came out of jail years early on a release and started a new and better life off of hard drugs forever.

Listen to this story of friendship and recovery on this very personal episode of HELL HAS AN EXIT.

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