Dec. 21, 2021

Ep 62: From Detroit with love, A rapper’s Story ft. Tommy Gunz

Today on Hell Has an Exit, Bryan Invites Rapper Tommy Gunz from Detroit.


Tommy’s story shed’s light on the different ways addiction can take form. He went from weed to cocaine and ecstasy to speed and meth within mere weeks. His story will take you through these crazy twist and turns and a wild acid trip


  ⁃  The accident that introduced him to Opiates 

  ⁃  Heroin & Crack 

  ⁃  Detox & Rehab

  ⁃  Losing his brother 

  ⁃  Going Viral on Social Media 

  ⁃  Rock Bottom 


Don't miss this inspired story from rapper TOMMY GUNZ on this week's episode of HHAE.


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Music by Miles M. Davis