Feb. 8, 2022

Ep 68: “The Original Spoon Goon” ft. Taylor R.

Ep 68: “The Original Spoon Goon” ft. Taylor R.

On today’s Episode Bryan Sits Down with Taylor. AKA the original “spoon goon”. When Taylor was just 13 years old he began suffering from crippling headaches which he was prescribed opiates for. It wasn’t long before he found himself asking for them with “fake headaches”. 

Taylor would soon find his identity in the drug scene. Thats when he created the “Spoon Goons” persona on instagram and became famous for taking videos of himself shooting up. 

Thankfully, Taylor found his escape from hell. He took his passion into his recovery, threw himself into the 12 step program, and pursued his recovery as intensely as his using.

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tel: 833-699-9395

To watch the full interview go to https://youtube.com/c/HellHasanExit

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