Feb. 22, 2022

Ep 70: “Put That UP” Ft. Gary P.

Ep 70: “Put That UP” Ft. Gary P.

On Todays Episode Bryan invites friend Gary P. Born in New Jersey, and grew up in a middle class neighborhood. Early on, Gary’s behavior could be chalked up to “regular” teenage boy stuff - skating, drinking alcohol, smoking weed. As things progressed, Gary was constantly getting arrested and being bailed out by his mother who was a parole officer.

Gary was introduced to heroin by his uncle. He spent the following years chasing the high - in and out of crack houses, rehabs and just an overall hopeless life. One thing Gary really needed though, was to prove to his mother that he could get 1 year clean to show her he wouldn’t die a junkie. What he ended up getting was much more than one year. Listen to this inspiring story to find out how Gary Found his Exit from Hell.

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