March 22, 2022

Ep 74: “10 Bank Robberies in 30 days” ft Anthony

Ep 74: “10 Bank Robberies in 30 days” ft Anthony

This week on Hell Has an Exit Bryan had the opportunity to link up with Anthony, a 3rd generation Mexican American “Chicano” who grew up in LA back in the 70s and 80’s.

Growing up on government assistance in some of the worst parts of LA - Gangs, Drugs, Robberies and Violence the way of life. Despite the odds being against him, Anthony thrived as a young boy and excelled in baseball and did well in school. 

Around the time he realized that his father was a drug addict, Anthony’s perceptions and priorities in life began to shift. The road that was already paved for him was hard to get away from. Following his fathers foots steps - Anthony’s life became a dark winding road filled with a harrowing addiction, gang involvement, bank robberies, prison & a relapse that almost killed him. Thankfully he is here with us today to share his message of hope and recovery through his involvement in the 12 steps.

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