April 26, 2022

Ep 79: "Florida Boy" ft. Church

Ep 79:

This Week on Hell Has an Exit Bryan invites longtime friend, and predecessor, Church. 


It all started in good fun for Church. There were drugs, girls, & rock shows. “It’s what we did to have fun”. Little by little the drugs began to take hold and before he knew it there was no more sense of self control. With a spiraling addiction involving quaaludes, alcohol, cocaine, and eventually crack, church found himself doing whatever he needed to get high. With that, came multiple arrests and prison sentences. 


When Church was 45 years old, he was facing some serious prison time, he begged his mother for one last chance to bail him out. After putting her house up for bail, he promised he would never use again. Find out how church, a guy who didn’t want to stop using, has managed to acquire 17 years clean. Listen to this inspiring story of hope and redemption as Church shows us that it’s never too late to change your life & make amends. 


If you’re in need of help, please visit unitedrecoveryproject.com or call 

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