May 10, 2022

Ep 81: “Drug of No Choice” ft Kristen C.

Ep 81: “Drug of No Choice” ft Kristen C.

This week Bryan sits down with Kristen C. as she shares her story of addiction and her journey through recovery. Born and raised right on the border of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Kristen remembers having a typical upbringing. While most kids viewed their parents’ divorce as a difficult time, for Kristen it just meant extra freedom. In this freedom she began to experiment with alcohol and finding that she always seemed to push the limits far beyond what the other kids were doing. 


Through a series of toxic and abusive relationships, Kristen discovered Percocet’s or “Perc 30’s”. Kristen struggled for years to keep it together until the walls started to close in. The pills introduced her to crack & heroin and a life that became completely unmanageable and dependent on getting high. Don’t miss today’s episode on Hell Has an Exit to find out how Kristen was finally able to get clean after multiple relapses, rehabs and through committing to a 12-step program and sponsorship.

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