June 7, 2022

Ep 85 - "A Recovering Friendship" ft. Brooke Z. & Bryan A.

Ep 85 -

On Todays Episode Bryan Invites one of his best friends from child hood: Brooke Z. Bryan & Brooke met in middle school and she quickly became a special person in Bryan’s life as he always felt like he could be himself around her and not have to worry about putting on a mask. As their friendship developed, so did Bryan’s Intense addiction. Brooke had to stand on the sidelines as one of her close friends spiraled out of control. 

The two go on to talk about what life was like for each of them on opposites sides of the friendship and how difficult it was for Brooke to endure Bryans behaviors while he was in active addiction. 

Brooke also shares about her own life and traveling across the world after college and exploring several careers before becoming a clinician and registered mental health counselor.

This is a great story of true friendship. Listen in as we share on this week's HELL HAS AN EXIT!

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