Oct. 4, 2022

Ep 93: “Body Bags or Handcuffs” ft. Monique

Ep 93: “Body Bags or Handcuffs” ft. Monique

Welcome Back to Hell Has an Exit! Today on Episode 93, we kick back our guest driven interviews with special guest Monique.


On today’s Episode Monique joins us to share her story of overcoming, redemption, & recovery against all odds. By the time Monique was 14 years old she experienced the loss of her father, her aunt, and her uncle. Since Monique’s mother had passed when she was only 3 years old, she was left to fend for herself. She got to experience the dark she of the foster care system in the United States before she eventually ran away. Any “childlike” innocence Monique had left would be taken from her at the shady drug infested motel she ended up at in Miami. During her stay, she discovered hard drugs, experience sexual assault, got kidnapped and eventually got arrested. 


With 15 years clean, Monique finds that she shares more about her life in recovery than her active addiction. She shares the real-life struggles she’s faced through recovery and what has helped her the most. She talks about the lessons learned and what recovery has been like vs. what she thought it was going to be like first getting clean. 


Don’t miss this incredible inspiring story of Monique on this week’s Hell Has An Exit.

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