Oct. 11, 2022

Ep 94: “I’m Not Broken” ft. Jesse Leon

Ep 94: “I’m Not Broken” ft. Jesse Leon

Today on Hell Has an Exit Bryan invites a very special guest and author of “I’m not Broken” Jesse Leon. On this episode Jesse shares the heartbreaking story of a latino boy who discovers drug addiction at only 11 years old. It all began when he was viciously sexually assaulted by a man from a local gift shop in the San Diego neighborhood, he grew up in. Not only was he stripped of his childhood innocence that day, but Jesse was also neglected as a victim of sexual abuse when he attempted to come forward. Plagued by loneliness, confusion, and fear - Jesse soon turned to alcohol, drugs and prostitution to numb his pain. 

Listen to this unforgettable and inspiring episode of the journey Jesse took to not only win his life back but also graduate from Harvard and publish his own book “I’m Not Broken”.

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