Jan. 31, 2023

Episode 108: “Who Looks Inside, Awakes” ft. Sam K.

Episode 108: “Who Looks Inside, Awakes” ft. Sam K.

Welcome to episode 108 of Hell Has an Exit. On this Episode Bryan invites special guest Sam K. This Episode delves into the powerful and personal story of Sam K, who grew up in suburban Maryland just outside of Washington DC. Despite a seemingly normal childhood, Sam's life took a drastic turn during his teenage years when he started experimenting with drugs in high school and became addicted to painkillers and Xanax while in college. This led to a vicious cycle of addiction, theft, and jail time, followed by homelessness and continued drug abuse.


However, with the help of rehab, therapy, and a 12-step program, Sam was able to turn his life around. He became committed to making positive changes in his life, and even getting a second chance to help others facing similar struggles. Today Sam and Bryan both own and operate their own alcohol and drug addiction treatment facilities where they get to have a hands-on approach to helping other addicts just like them. 


This episode provides a raw and honest look at Sam K’s journey through addiction and recovery, touching on the hard truths and lessons he's learned along the way. 


The Hell has an Exit Podcast aims to raise awareness about addiction and its impact on individuals, families and communities, and encourages listeners to seek help and support if they or someone they know is struggling with addiction.


By sharing stories, the goal it to break down the stigma and shame that often surround addiction and help others find the hope and strength to overcome it.


Don’t miss this inspiring story on this week’s Hell Has an Exit Podcast, episode 108.


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