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Showing me how to live

I found this podcast in October and was immediately drawn into the rawness of the conversation. The convention tapes are something I listen to at work, home and in the car. Thank you Bryan for helping this addict stay clean! -Chad M

Everyone could use a 12 step program in their life

This podcasts is one of my favorites. Been clean off heroine/fetanyl for a little over a year now and I’m super grateful for my life today and this podcast 🤎

Relatable for anyone

I’m not a recovering addict but I found these stories to be very important & compelling. I’ve listened to a MILLION podcasts & this one rates very highly. The host is awesome.

Spreading hope and the message of recovery

I’m so glad I found this podcast a while back. I’m an addict who found the rooms, and whether I’m working or at home or on my way to a meeting, I can turn on one of the episodes. I have similarities and differences in backgrounds with Bryan and the guests on the show, but if I stay true to the program and practice principles before personalities, I allow the message into my heart. Thank you to Bryan for being of service to more people than you probably know. “…for the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel.”


I have so much gratitude for Brian & this podcast, it has provided me some understanding along with hope🤍🕊✨

Just what I needed

This podcast is amazing - super extreme, just like me. It motivates me to do the next right thing and to remain in gratitude.

5 stars

Great podcast. Much love Bryan ❤️

Best, best, best ever delivery of the steps

Best delivery of the steps and recovery ever

One of my favorite podcasts

Love the honesty and rawness of the show. Plus Brian’s vibe is pretty dope…parson the pun 😊

Sooo good

Where’s the swag we need some merch!

Amazing!! Life changing! Must Listen!

I just can’t stop listening to this pod cast. I have been in recovery for many years. The disease of addiction is so powerful. We must remain vigilant in our program. With the current state of this pandemic. I haven’t felt as connected. This pod cast has connected me to the TRUTH raw and honest dialogue about the disease of addiction and the horrors of active addiction. I also here a lot of hope and change. Thank you for your service to our community!!! Must listen!!!! Grateful addict Rosie p. Gold Coast

A must listen

An overall great podcast with a great host. Very deep emotional stories sometimes, but educational in a way ! Great job DBP AND Bryan


Great podcast dope stories


This pod is on point it truly shows that “WE DO RECOVER”

The Real Deal

This is what I’m talking about! This is the real deal . Hard hitting truth from the people who have lived it ! From the lowest lows to the highest HIGHS. Perseverance and what is possible with determination are shown in every episode . Thanks for putting this out there into the world ! Keep doing your thing !


The stories shared on this podcast are so awesome. Bryan is AWESOME as well. I just found this podcast on Monday, it’s now Saturday and I’ve listened to every single episode. Great podcast!

Incredible message

Just listened to the podcast w Adam C.. was sooo good made me subscribe to your podcasts and can’t wait to listen to the others. I’ve know Adam in and out of addiction. He was one of the ones you thought would never get it. Now look at him. The person he is now is incredible. My go to... always.. I’ve never seen someone come in and change as much as him. Like literally total psychic change. And his life has become extraordinary as a result. I love how you guys were talking on whether or not our actual time markers matter.. and all I was thinking about through that is is how much I aspire to be at his level one day and I have a little less than twice as much time... incredible message.. incredible man.. thank you!!

I e been listening since day 1.

Thank you for this pod. The people you have on here are true warriors in life. The way it’s guided to recovery, war and tribulations are tight. There are no loose screws in these discussions. And the way Bryan allows these people to speak their hearts out and there stories..he is good at it. It’s almost as if by saying few words on his end, the guests speak about their darkest times and how they overcame them. Thank you for keeping on...I’m a Fan and I’ll continue to be one. I’m a fan of Life and the Life you bring to the table. Peace and Love. ——-TGAIN_Luke.


This is a great podcast because I have a brother who is a struggling addict and it helps me understand the mindset of addicts thank you so much Ali for recommending this podcast 100% authentic! Sound production and quality is amazing!


Nice stories that scared me straight, thanks for the recommendation Ali.

Awesome podcast

Fantastic podcast and always an amazing job by the host Brian


I spent years in and and out treatment. I heard over 1000 people speak and would lose interest after 5 minutes... Bryan was the only person who got my attention.

Patrick Borgman episode 12 review

I was one of the kids Fat Pat lived in halfway with when he got clean this last time and I can personally testify to all of his stories. To see Pat and the man he is today is what gives me hope. Had I stuck around with Pat and took his advice on life I would also have 5+ years clean. I love you Patrick Borgman, you’re a true gentleman who’s conduct proceeds from a good will and an acute sense of propriety. Respect, and all the love from my heart.

Highly recommended

I heard about this show from Ben Baller and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. All episodes are great and addicting but episode #11 was the best one. I always love to hear how people think in a different perspective. The power to question everything!!


Can’t wait for the next episode. Definitely hooks you. Something about the host Bryan’s voice too.


Look forward to listening every week!


Powerful, relatable. -somanyholidays

Worth a listen

Drawn in by the concept of this series. Thank you

An Effort We Must All Follow

I’m so moved by this because it’s a movement we all must rally behind. Life is too precious to let those who’ve fallen victim to addiction be left behind and left untreated. We must care for our brothers and sisters more than we care for ourselves, at times an impossible feat to focus on, but any effort towards healing goes miles in the lives of those without a soul beside them. Thank You for this, it motivates me to be more active in my city, in my community, and in my family.