Hell Has an Exit

Incredible message

Just listened to the podcast w Adam C.. was sooo good made me subscribe to your podcasts and can’t wait to listen to the others. I’ve know Adam in and out of addiction. He was one of the ones you thought would never get it. Now look at him. The person he is now is incredible. My go to... always..
I’ve never seen someone come in and change as much as him. Like literally total psychic change. And his life has become extraordinary as a result. I love how you guys were talking on whether or not our actual time markers matter.. and all I was thinking about through that is is how much I aspire to be at his level one day and I have a little less than twice as much time... incredible message.. incredible man.. thank you!!

March 11, 2021 by Kybear1023 on Apple Podcasts

Hell Has an Exit