Aug. 30, 2022

Speaker Tape Series EP 4 ft. Scott R.

Speaker Tape Series EP 4 ft. Scott R.

Welcome back to the Hell Has an Exit Speaker Tape Series. Today we bring you episode 4 of the speaker tape series featuring AA Speaker Scott R. Scott grew up in an extremely toxic household with a long history of mental and physical abuse coupled with the generational curse of addiction. While his struggles with addiction began with heroin, things ultimately manifested through alcohol. Scott shares the heart wrenching events that led to him relapsing on heroin after 20 years of not using. Prepare to embark on this emotional rollercoaster as Scott shares candidly about his journey with his wife (who also struggled with alcohol) and the effect that the years of alcoholism had on their children and marriage. Don’t miss this incredible share that will have you either laughing or crying all through out.

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