Sept. 6, 2022

Speaker Tape Series EP 5 ft. Ousmane D.

Speaker Tape Series EP 5 ft. Ousmane D.

Welcome back to the Hell Has an Exit Speaker Tape Series. Today’s episode features NA Speaker Ousmane D. Ousmane begins his story from the day he remembers his childhood innocence being stripped from him. His mother sat him down and told him what it meant to be black, poor and be living on the wrong side of the tracks. From that very day, the light of his spirit began to dull as his reality made him believe he was never good enough. 


While the journey to recovery may have been grueling, Ousmane has mastered the ability to share the message in an uplifting and hilarious way. After a particularly hard run, he decided he needed to go to rehab, it was here where he heard the message of recovery through H & I (Hospitals and Institutions). He suggests that once you get out of treatment, you go directly to an NA meeting, sit in the front row, get a sponsor, and get a homegroup.


 Don’t miss this incredible share that will have you either laughing or crying all through out.

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